Happy Birthday to Our Children’s eBook Author Ken Cohen

September 26, 2013

eBook in iTunes Bookstore


“As a published author, now affiliated with Lucky Penny Press, I feel as if I am stepping into a new paradigm in children’s publishing where the written word is but the beginning of a much more expansive adventure into the creative process. Here, in addition to the book’s illustration, are the additional elements of music and narration to enchant and enhance the child’s reading experience. I am also thrilled with the E-book’s ability to translate ones work into different languages, thereby giving the author access to a truly global market. I sense that Lucky Penny Press, in nurturing the creative spirit, is also pioneering the future of children’s literature as a multi-arts convergence into wonder and awe!” Ken Cohen

Click here to purchase Ken’s eBook on iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/songs-of-the-sandman/id557105265?mt=11